There is a powerful investment technique that makes it possible to generate returns of up to 100% or more in a month not a year. This technique is little known but quite simple in terms of execution. The one catch is that it is a “hands on” approach and rightly so. A return of 100% a month is nothing short of amazing, so let’s take a look at how it works.

The first thing to realize is that anything can be an investment. Virtually anything you can buy and sell for a profit can be seen as an investment if that was the purpose of the transaction. A transaction can be completed in under a week, but look at it this way. If you were able to compound your capital by just 20% per week, you would result in making a 100% return each month or double that money.

If you started this technique with just $100 dollars, you would have well over $1 million dollars in 14 months if you could maintain that level of compounding at each month. That is quite a remarkable result. The main thing to remember is that it is not the dollar increase that counts, but the percentage increase and the stringent use of compounding. You could literally start with some unwanted item that you could clean up and improve in some way at the $100 dollar level and sell it for $120 then move on to the next item. Some of the richest people on the planet make their wealth in this way but on a grander scale and you can apply this same technique. By maintaining control over the collateral your investment represents, you can clearly control the increases.

If you need money now, like I mean in the next hour, try what I did. I am making more money now than in my old business and you can too, read about Martin Thomas in the link below. When I joined I was skeptical for just ten seconds before I realized what this was. I was smiling from ear to ear and you will too.

Imagine doubling your money every week with no or little risk! To discover a verified list of Million Dollar Corporations offering you their products at 75% commission to you. Click the link below to learn HOW you will begin compounding your capital towards your first Million Dollars at the easy corporate money program.

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Investing in Car Dealerships: How to Do It Right

The financial characteristics of the automobile dealership are attractive:

“. . . moderate growth and risk and high returns. Franchised new car dealer revenues have grown at a 7.2% annual rate since 1992, about twice the rate of GDP. Moreover, this growth has come with only moderate risk, as the dealer body didn’t lose money (on a pretax basis) for a single year in the last twenty – even during the 1989-1991 industry down-cycle. Finally, despite major changes in the auto industry’s structure, dealer returns have remained high, with pretax ROE averaging 26.1% over the last twenty years”. [MerrillLynch, April 19th, 2004 Report on “Automobile Dealers”. ]

Athletes from almost every major sport have invested in new car dealerships: Rick Hendrick, Roger Penske, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Evander Holyfield, Arnold Palmer, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Alex Rodriguez to name a few.

The idea isn’t new. Johnny Lujack, 1947 Heisman Trophy winner and Chicago Bear Pro-Bower, started a business in 1954 that would eventually expand to 16 franchises; spread over 40 acres, with sales of over 10,000 vehicles and $150 million, per year. Lujack retired from the auto business after almost 50 years as a successful dealer.


“This is the time you have been waiting for”, reports Greg Gilmore in the June 2005 issue of Dealer Magazine. Dealer Executive reported that last year (2004) ranked as the 4th best for new unit sales by franchised new-vehicle dealers. Total dealership dollars exceeded $714 billion, up more than 2% from 2003.

The fact is that anytime is the right time. In 1991, in the depths of an automotive depression, John Elway asked me, prior to signing his purchase contract, if “this” (1991) was the right time to buy. I told him that it is how you buy it and how you sell it that count. That year he made a $20 million investment. At the time he had a single Mazda store on Arapahoe Road, in Englewood. I sold the Mazda franchise for him and Nissan gave him its franchise to put in the old Mazda building. Shortly thereafter, I put together another transaction that had John buy the Mazda store on 104th Avenue, in Thornton. John then terminated Suzuki and put the Mazda store with his Oldsmobile and Hyundai franchises. After that he bought one more dealership (a Ford franchise) and then, in 1995, sold the entire package to Republic Industries for $86 million.

A lot of people were afraid to buy a dealership in 1991 and thought that John took a big gamble. But, he didn’t “gamble”. He structured his purchases and sales correctly, and then capitalized on his investment.

For example, although GM and Ford lost money (as they did in 1991), individual dealers made millions, according to NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) and Automotive News statistics, the average dealers’ pretax margin varies between one and two percent of their total sales. Why? The dealers capture a broader business base than the manufacturer. While the manufacturer makes its money on new car sales, the dealers have the additional balance of the parts departments, service departments, used car departments, finance departments, insurance departments and, in some instances, body shops. Consequently, while the manufacturer is dependent upon each year’s new car sales, a dealer’s success is based more on the total number of vehicles in operation.


A little, but don’t be intimidated by it. After Jimmy Vasser won the CART racing championship for Target, I put together a transaction for Jimmy to buy a dueled Chevrolet-Toyota franchise, in Napa, that lost money for the previous 10 consecutive years. I put Jimmy together with a dealership manager and Jimmy’s dad, who had some previous used car experience, signed-on as used car manager.

Subsequently, after going to dealer school and passing through the chairs, Jimmy’s dad took over as General Manager; the store thrived; and Jimmy not only bought the dealership land and facility, but bought the Ford store in the next town, and is currently building a new Toyota store so that his Chevrolet and Toyota franchises can have separate facilities.


Good advice. Good advice is both important and hard to find. In the words of Trace Armstrong, past president of the NFL Players Association: “There’s just so much bad advice out there being given to these guys. It’s really kind of scary. ” [Reported by Eric Fisher, March 27, 2000. ]

As with the Entertainment and Sports Industries, there is so much money in the car business, that everybody wants to get a piece of it. Consequently, everybody thinks he or she is an expert in analyzing and structuring deals, when in fact they just want to be a broker that gets a commission from the deal. Sidebar: New car dealership revenues reached almost One Trillion Dollars in 2004. The dealerships and dealer related industries account of over 15% of the Gross National Product of the United States.


An investor needs a team. Generally, it’s the same team they have, supplemented by an expert in the car business. Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security that loyalty is synonymous with the “factory” or “bankers”.

For example, Ford made one of its black dealers (a superstar athlete) the point man, brokering meetings with senior executives and acting as a conduit between the company and Jesse Jackson. He mediated disputes between Ford and its dealers, and he promoted the company in public appearances. He even had a close relationship with some Ford family members.

“He had some friends in high places, ” said John Clissold, a retired Ford Credit executive. “[The head of Ford Credit] was a very strong supporter. ” But, when trouble came, it didn’t matter. Business was business. ” . . . one factory executive familiar with the situation summed up the prevailing feeling at corporate headquarters: ‘[the superstar] was headed for a cliff and we weren’t going over with him. ’” [Story by Bill Vlasic and Mark Truby / The Detroit News Sunday, May 26, 2002. ]

The fact is that the factory and bank employees have a duty to do what is best for the factory or bank, not what is best for your client. It’s the law. They have a legal obligation to their shareholders – no matter how nice or how close your client is to them.

Financial statements and an accountant are not enough. Your client needs a member of your team that is a student of the industry. A profitable automotive statement can be certified and comply with every principle of accounting, yet still convey a false impression of success. There are so many nuisances in defining and structuring automotive transactions, that your client needs an expert in the field who can determine both what automotive deal is best for the athlete and what is the best way to get it.

So while your team may consist of accountant, attorneys, agents and managers that are excellent at their jobs, unless a student of the industry is added (someone who does nothing but structure buys and sells everyday), a key ingredient to success will be missing.

Think of it in terms of any sport or business. If a person wants to create a championship team in a particular sport, is it created with people who play the game 50% of the time, 75% of the time, or someone who plays it everyday?

Remember: The nicest thing they ever said about Richard Nixon was: “He looks like a used car salesman. ”

John Pico is the Managing Partner of Advising Automobile Dealers LLC. Mr. Pico served as a court appointed “Consultant to Debtor” in bankruptcy cases, a “Court Appointed Mediator” in automotive disputes, the “Court Appointed Arbitrator / Appraiser” in partnership disputes, a “Court Approved Consultant to Receiver” in a check-kiting case, as a “Superior Court Mediator” in dealership/lender litigation and has been recognized as an expert witness on both State and Federal levels.

He has consulted on upside-down positions of over $50 Million, out of trust position of over $4 Million and a bank overdraft of $30 Million. Since 1972, Mr. Pico has completed over 1,000 automobile dealership transactions, whose combined values exceed One Billion Dollars.

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It’s hard to find a diet program that works every time it is tried. It seems like every time one turns around there is a new fad diet and many fast weight loss tips. But true weight loss cannot usually be found in a fad diet or a diet pill. In fact, it is usually found in something that has been around for ages: regular exercise and good nutrition. That plan usually has a very high success rate and includes fast weight loss tips you should be aware of.

The military of every country world wide knows that exercise and good nutrition is critical to health weight maintenance (which they must maintain). And when those two factors are combined with miscellaneous fast weight loss tips they are fit to be deployed anywhere. No military subscribes to fad diets but subscribes to exercise, good nutrition, and other fast weight loss tips such as the following:

Weight Loss Tip 1: Get active and decrease focus on dieting.

This is Burning more calories than you take in is far more effective than dieting usually. There are so many ways to do this too. You’ll see that people will run, run up stairs, ride a bike, do intense yard work, and chop wood. Not having enough time is no excuse. All you have to do is leave the car at home one day and walk or bike to work. You can even walk during your lunch break.

Weight Loss Tip 2: Eat right.

Don’t eat snacks full of sugar and cut down on your portions at meals. Eat a balanced diet. Also remember that the proper weight loss is not achieved by starting yourself. It is better to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Weight Loss Tip 3: Eat breakfast.

It is the most important meal of the day. This meal is for the brain and it is proven that if you eat a good breakfast, you are less likely to snack on sugary processed foods later on in the day. Plus there is less likelihood that you will stuff yourself with a huge lunch.

Weight Loss Tip 4: Keep meal patterns regular.

If you can possibly try to avoid having long spans of time in between meals it will help to keep you balanced both mentally and physically. It also helps to keep your metabolism stable.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Don’t eat before going to bed.

Think about it. You are going to eat a dinner meal and then rest for 8 or 9 hours. This is probably the surest way to gain weight as you will not be active to burn calories. Plus you will not have a comfortable sleep as your food is digesting.

There are many more fast weight loss tips but remember that the key is to burn off more calories than you take in. As you get older, your metabolism decreases so you will probably have to exercise more and intake less.

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Nowadays affordability is an issue for most of the people. So they try to manage the things in budget. Most of the people want to get cheap cars. They best way to get it is to go for used cars, which they can purchase online or offline, but finding cheap cars online is easy because in this case they don’t have to go from dealership to dealership to find out cheap cars. The only thing anyone has to do is to type requirements in search engine and then innumerable options will be available to you to select from them. When you choose the model and style of the used car, next step is to use internet for finding the location of the vehicles closest which are near to your home.

It is difficult to find good quality vehicle because sometimes people get impressed by the looks and style of the car and they only focus on the external features and some other times people becomes so excited of buying a car that they immediately get into the agreement. This is the thing which leads to bad decision of buying cheap car.

You have variety of options available online from which you can choose the right one with less effort. Although finding a good quality vehicle which is also cheap is a tough job. But most of the cars which are sold online are sold by the private sellers so they are sometimes not fully aware of the market value of the car so you can get the chance to buy it on cheap price. Sometimes car owners also offer cheap prices online but then you always make it sure that there is nothing wrong with the car.

Vehicle Identification number is offered by the used online cars. You can note down this number because this VIN number provides lots of information about the car and you can know about the history of the car through this number.

To purchase, after finding cheap cars online, you have to go to the place and should examine the vehicle thoroughly by a professional who has already been hired by you. Never trust on the words that it has already been examined, even if you are taking it from a dealership.

Finding cheap cars online reduces your effort and provides you number of options to select from and thus saves your time.

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So you are clicks away from finding thousands of used cars online. Just like the typical car buying methods, the consumer should be equipped with some knowledge in regards to the market, and the products. Just like shopping for everyday purchases, the more Car websites you visit the better idea you have of the prices, and more understanding you have of the product. Most of us have at least once in the past year, gone shopping for a used car on three different car websites. And guess what, nine times out of ten, we end up finding a second hand car that it would have cost us more if we bought it at the very first car dealer we seen. You should find used cars online the same exact way.

When researching used cars online in Ireland, you should visit car dealer’s online and private car websites. You should also consider car websites such as buy cars, and search cars. You can now using the internet to visit more car dealers than you can with ordinary ways. You can also see detailed pictures of cars that are listed by private sellers before going out of your way to physically see the car. Hence, as I always suggest that you could get a much better bargain for the same exact car from an Independent car dealer than you can get from a franchised car dealer online.

Now you can literally buy used cars you want not only at the car dealers that are next to your house, or work place, but you could literally shop at any car dealers throughout the country for used cars online. . Last, but not least before inquiring about used cars online you can also get yourself car insurance quote for the car you are interested in. The internet has made it possible for almost every situation to be arranged.

In conclusion, Shopping for Used cars online is a rapidly growing market. With used car websites you are clicks away from hundreds of used car dealers and private sellers. Every car buyer should apply the strengths of the internet to their benefit, and apply it to expand their options, bargaining powers.

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The Internet has made buying and selling cars so much more convenient. In the past, selling a used car meant classified ads, your social circle or a sign on the car’s rear screen.

A large number of online sites offer facilities to sell cars online for free. An increasing number of people consider such sites an excellent choice, one they would recommend to everyone.

Classified ads allow customers very little space to provide information about their cars. With a rapid decrease in newspaper readership, a classified ad is likely to have limited audience.

Online seller, on the other hand, have all essential space you need for appropriate details, including the car’s condition, repairs and issues, and any additional features that would make it attractive for buyers. Remember that buyers also want to know the make and model, mileage, and driving history. Don’t forget to add your contact information and asking price.

Online car selling sites also provide options for adding photographs of your car’s interior and exterior. Keep in mind that your car will look better after it has been washed and polished. Take a number of photographs for each angle and then choose the best ones.

Make sure that your car’s documentation is properly updated.

If your description is detailed and accurate, you are likely to find the appropriate buyer without difficulty and in lesser time. Buyers are very well-informed and most often know exactly what they are looking for. If your portrayal fulfills a buyer’s expectations, you could have an offer soon.

Since a majority of prospective buyers can narrow down their search by price, model or make through an online search, the response time can get remarkably reduced. If your car is a popular brand or model, you will find one very easily.

Another benefit of selling your car online is that the cost gets cut down. Classified ads are expensive, and you might have to continually publish the ad a number of times, before you are able to successfully find a buyer. On the other hand, online sites for buying and selling cars charge very nominally and many times, nothing at all.

You must start looking where to sell your car online; research all options. Look for sites that are offer the facility to list your car to sell. Explore the site to see if it is user-friendly and how soon you can reach your ad. You could choose a big company with large online traffic that surfaces higher in a web engine search, because that increases the chance that potential buyers will find it too.

Another option could be to choose a local site which may have fewer visitors but your car will have fewer competitors.

Since there is large option of online car sellers, choose one that places your ad at no cost. Although a minor saving but that could be the reason buyers prefer it too, since they would not have to pay a fee for using their services either.

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You do you bills online, shop for cars online, look for doctors online, and purchase various services online. Face it, doing business over the internet is a trend that is not slowing down by any means, if anything, it’s progressing. So why not buy and sells cars online? Many businesses and private sellers are taking part in the internet craze and making quite a profit with it. By both buying and selling cars online you are open to a whole new market that didn’t exist before.

Normally in the past when you were looking to either buy or sell a car, you did it locally. If you were selling your car the process would consist of taking out an ad in the local paper and maybe advertising on the vehicle itself. You might also try word of mouth and put up a few advertisements on work and school bulletin boards. With the growth of the internet, the process of selling a car has changed dramatically. Of course you can still follow some of the traditional methods, but you can also choose to advertise to a much larger audience. With the internet you can advertise the sale of your car all over the world. This opens you chances of selling your car for the price you desire dramatically. People search through tons of websites to find the specific car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle that they are looking for.

The internet also has made a breakthrough for those looking to buy a car as well. No longer are you stuck with what’s being sold in your town, city, or state, you can look beyond for the hot car of your dreams. Often car buyers are looking for a specific vehicle, whether it is new or old, they have an idea of what they want. With the option of bidding on cars, you can say goodbye to annoying car dealerships and the salesman that go with them. You can bid exactly what you want to. No more being pressured into buying something that you really don’t want to buy. You can look through hundreds of websites for whatever car you want, no matter where it might be. The options are endless when it comes to finding the perfect mode of transportation for your needs.

What’s also great about buying and selling cars online is the relative ease. With a click of your mouse you can scroll through hundreds of cars until you find the one that shouts out your name. With a few more clicks, you can look up all the details of that car. If not fully satisfied, you can then call the seller and ask any additional questions you might have. The same goes for someone wishing to sell a car online. No more having to be home when someone wants to take a look at the car you are selling. All you have to do is put a great, detailed description of the car and post a ton of pictures from every angle. The buyer then gets all the information they need and you didn’t even have to be there. The internet is a great place for both buyers and sellers alike, it’s defiantly a market you should take advantage of.

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Those who are looking for cheap cars for sale, one of the best options for them are used cars as they are quite affordable. Finding one of the cheap used cars is quite easy and those who want to get excellent deals, then check with the dealers over the internet. You can also look in your neighborhood as neighbors are excellent source for used cheap cars. If you have a neighbor who wants to sell a car, then go for it as it is the best way to get the deal. You can also check bulletin boards and often barber shops, grocery stores and hardware shops usually have bulletin boards. The newspaper is also an excellent choice as there are several advertisements for dealers who are involved in selling vehicles. There are some websites as well which sell vehicles for much affordable prices.
However finding cheap cars for sale in not that difficult, as there are lots of sources. Those who are buying a car, the main important factor is the mechanical look, as you can’t depend on the seller who gives you the information. Another consideration is reliability and it is very important which determines if the vehicle is durable and has the ability to run for long time. One of the most important factors is safety because old models don’t come with advanced safety features as compared to new ones. The vehicle performance also matters, if the vehicle is powered by large engine, it will deliver good performance as compared to old small engines.

Used cars for sale by owner are mostly subjected to lots of issues since albeit cheaper and they are neither certified nor do they come with any kind of guarantee. Those who are looking for a vehicle to purchase, the best place for them are to check with the dealers online. There are lots of dealers in the market whose commission rates are up to 6%. There are several things to consider before purchasing used cars for sale by owner such as the problems if vehicles and you have the ask the owner if the vehicle has gone under extensive repairs or whether the vehicle has frequent problems entailing large amount of money in maintaining and repairing the car. There are lots of factors you need to consider before purchasing used cars by owners.

Cars online for sale are one of the best options as most of the vehicle dealers will provide you with different choices. There are lots of things you can purchase through internet such as cars which come in various models and sizes and might range from 0 miles to hundred miles on speedometer. There are lots of things you need to consider before purchasing cars over the internet and finding them online is very easy. With the help of internet, you can get lots of information about cars available online. There are lots of websites that serve people on daily basis and while you browse these websites you will find different manufacturers like Audi, Toyota, BMW, Skoda, Chevrolet, Maruti Suzuki, Daewoo, Fiat, Opel, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Honda and Hyundai.

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Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at the Nutri Centre (Europe’s largest natural products store) advises that: “Sleep gives our bodies the chance to maintain and repair both the body and the mind”. This is important given the NEW research, which indicates that people that sleep for less than 6 hours per night are 12% more likely to die prematurely compared with those who manage to secure the ‘ideal’ amount of between 6-8 hours (1).

Wilkinson further explains that: “Lack of sleep affects our nervous systems by leaving us drowsy and unable to concentrate. It can lead to poor memory and poor physical performance. If sleep deprivation continues, hallucinations and mood swings may develop. Sleep problems are common in both mental and physical disorders including depression, strokes, cancer and head injuries. ”

In a modern society in which sleep often falls at the bottom of the priority list for those in high-pressured jobs or with families, the following sleep solutions may act as a “life saviour”!

Patch-It – £9.99 –

Plaster-style patches that use the ancient principals of reflexology to stimulate key pressure points on the feet. An independent sleep disturbance trial discovered that on average, Patch-It reduced the amount of time troubled sleepers spent awake every night by a staggering 40 per cent (2).

The participants of the randomised placebo-controlled trial, conducted by an independent Harley Street clinic, also experienced:

A 100% improvement in alertness during the day
A reduction in sleep interruptions by one third
A 20% reduction in the time taken to fall asleep

Dr Nyjon Eccles, of the Chiron Clinic, who conducted the trial says: “Wearing Patch-It continuously for one month seems to have improved the quality of sleep in three main ways – getting off to sleep, duration of sleep and feeling refreshed after sleep. ”

Nature’s Plus Dreamquest Adult’s Warm Milk Chewables – £19.50

Chewable tablets containing 200 mg of Lactium®, the soothing milk peptides responsible for the calming properties of warm milk. This soothing formula also contains effective sleep-supporting herbs, including hops, chamomile and cinnamon.

Lamberts Healthcare Fibrecleanse – £12.95 –

An advanced nutriceutical formula to support a healthy nervous system which is required to promote mental calm, relieve stress and improve the quality of sleep. Containing B vitamins which work together to support adrenal glands, plus Calcium and Magnesium which work in balance to stimulate and relax the nervous system, whilst Tryptophan helps restore calm to the mind.

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If you have bought a used car in the past, you know how daunting it can be to drive around town looking for the perfect car. Instead of putting hour after hour into the search of a used car, you may want to look for used cars online. This will open up an entire new world of possibilities and you will be able to find exactly what you want in no time.

When you search for used cars online you will have access to a large base of people selling their cars. You may be able to see an actual picture of the car and get the specifications. This will give you more choices then you could ever imagine and you will be able to be somewhat choosy when it comes to your next car.

When someone sells used cars online they will know how competitive the market can be and most times the prices will be more affordable. The competition is fiercer online and the chances are you will be able to get a pretty good deal. You may be able to negotiate and this can help you to obtain a car for an even lower price then you expected.

If you do not know anything about cars you may want to have an experienced person with you when you view used cars online. This person will be able to tell you if the car is in good working order and this can help you to make a good decision that you will not regret later. A car may look great, but unless you have someone to check under the hood, you will not really know how sound the car is and this can turn into a big mistake.

Viewing used cars online is normally free and you will not have to worry about a sign up fee at each site you use. You will be able to comfortably sit at your home computer and begin looking for the car that will fit your needs the best. With all of these options you may find several cars that can be a possibility and this can help you to find cars that you may not have known existed.

When you see all of the used cars online you will be able to make a better decision about which car you purchase. When you have many choices you will be able to be a bit pickier then you are used to and this will help you to get exactly the car you want.

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